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With our public cloud, the businesses will get virtual applications, machines, and storage, so there is no need for in-house hardware (it doesn’t have maintenance costs). We implement the multi-tenant approach with the computing resources that can be shared across your workforce and the data is separated. In addition, our clients only need to pay the set subscription without worrying about hidden charges.

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With our private cloud services, you have full control over the virtual environment. The cloud infrastructure can be stored in our data center or on your business site, promising better security and control. In addition, the networking, computing, and storage of the private cloud are flexible, so you can customize them according to unique business needs.

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Our hybrid cloud services are a combination of different cloud environments that suit the specific needs of the business and optimize performance. The hybrid cloud is a combination of private cloud and public cloud through IaaS, colocation, and on-site hardware. Our hybrid cloud model is suitable for the majority of businesses due to its cost-saving design and better flexibility.

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